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Whose Phone Number Is This – The world is an unpredictable place, for better or for worse. The headlines you see today could not have been imagined yesterday, and despite their momentary urgency will be replaced by a new story tomorrow. In a similar way, the events that make up our lives are always a story in progress with no certain conclusion. Despite what we imagine will happen to us — finding a great job, falling in love, getting married, having a family, retiring after a happy career — fate always has a few surprises in store to keep things interesting.

One such “surprise” is the persistent attention of a person who, through repeated phone calls, could be considered a stalker. Even if you have not experienced such harassment, you probably know someone who has. The phone rings but the caller ID shows an unlisted number. It happens again and again, denying you a peaceful life. Fortunately for the person being bothered, there are services that offer reverse phone number searches. One service, PhoneDedective.com, has a lot to offer anyone who desperately needs to know who is calling from an unlisted phone number.

Phone Stalker

I know, because I was the victim of stalking in recent months. Because of my busy travel schedule, it is usually very difficult for people to reach me. I have different cell phones in different countries. The numbers are different, and I do not share them freely. Indeed, the most reliable means of contact for a person like me is email. Nevertheless, someone penetrated my privacy and it drove me crazy trying to figure out who it could be. Eventually, the mystery was solved, thanks to my web-based detective, PhoneDedective.com.

The Concepts Behind PhoneDedective.com

The basic foundation of PhoneDedective.com is that it provides an easy means of looking up a phone number to learn the details behind its origin. It works with landlines, mobile phones, and unlisted numbers. The screen that first appears is as simple as the classic Google search window: enter your “search term” (the phone number whose origins you do not know), and let the site go to work. Subscribers have unlimited access to phone number searches, making it ideal for people who are bothered by multiple phone numbers (such as telemarketers), but the investment is equally worthwhile with single stalkers.

What PhoneDedective.com Will Do for You

PhoneDedective.com is designed to change the way you think about matching a phone number to a name. With listed phone numbers, it has always been possible to consult your cell phone’s address book or to use an actual paper phone book connect a name with a number. The advent of Google has made it possible to search an unfamiliar phone number for some demographic information, such as learning which city or region is served by a particular area code. But unlisted numbers represent a unique challenge. It can be exceedingly difficult to find out who is calling you if their number is not listed and no previous complaints have been made. Complicating matters is that mobile phone contracts expire frequently, and people change their numbers more than they did in the past. So, even if you think you have someone’s phone number, it may have already been transferred to another client or account. For this reason, databases which compile all phone numbers and up-to-date contact details are rising in popularity.

Pros of PhoneDedective.com

The primary advantage of using PhoneDedective.com is that it can almost certainly help you to stop the harassment by a commercial or personal stalker. Sure, there are other phone registry websites that offer similar services, but going straight to the best choice among competitor sites means saving money that would be wasted on sites with weaker capabilities. Its connections to national and international databases means there is a smaller chance of an empty search, so it saves you money in the long run by skipping the smaller sites and focusing on the one with the most power to find the answers you seek. It worked for me, and my case was not typical.

Cons of PhoneDedective.com

One downside to PhoneDedective.com is that it is not totally free, but in hindsight I consider the nominal cost well worth the service it provides. For me, there is no price to put on the peace of mind that comes when you have finally answered a question that has been in your mind for months, such as “Who is calling me?” ,“How did X get my phone number?”  or “Whose phone number is this?” Remember, once you have that information, the power shifts from their hands to yours, and you can decide on the next course of action. I suppose a second “weakness” of the service is that it does not administer justice where clear violations have occurred, such as in the case of stalking, but no company is perfect!

Conclusion and Call to Action

Overall, as whose phone number is this I heartily recommend PhoneDedective.com to anyone looking for almost immediate resolution to troublesome phone stalking. It really does not matter whether your stalker is out to mildly annoy you with repetitive calls, or whether they have a sick obsession that is better handled by the proper authorities. There is no reason why you should continue to have your heart stopped by the ringtone on your phone, wondering who is calling, why they are calling and when they will stop. PhoneDedective.com answers the first question, which will then allow you to answer the second; the answer to the third question can be TODAY if you are truly motivated.

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